Can you keep a relationship secret

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Celebrities are well-known for keeping new relationships on the DL to avoid paparazzi, rumors, and rampant fan interest. We're looking at you, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. But does this have any payoff for regular people? We tend to think of secret relationships as a red flag for shame, guilt, and baggage, but there are times when staying mum about your love can actually help a brand new couple. While it may seem skeevy to keep your coupledom under wraps, there are some valid reasons to do so, explains Hilary SilverL.

Here's why these real women decided to keep their relationships quiet—and what to watch out for if you plan to do it, too.

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Katherine D. It's been almost two months and almost nobody knows! One thing to watch out for is if your partner wants to continue hiding thingsbut you feel ready to reveal.

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You'll want to make sure they're keeping the relationship a secret for the right reasons—not because they're being shady. Clear, open communication about how long things should stay secret will help make the situation healthy for both partners.

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Can you keep a relationship secret

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When Keeping Your New Relationship a Secret Can Be a Good Thing