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created due to an incredible amount of redundancy and overlap of content between nudism and naturism. Also provides a more neutral area to discuss disambiguation between the slightly different movements. Dandelion113 March UTC. Information on this needs to be reconciled moved, merged, added with nudity. Because majority of text came from naturist and nudist sources, there needs to be a major NPOV cleanup that does not show bias.

Please help! Well, I'm not going to comment one way or the other on merging Nudism and Naturism into one article still, I would like to read the discussion leading up to the merge. A big issue does need to be addressed. Currently there are numerous duplication in the interwiki links being that this article is pointing towards both Nudism and Naturism articles on other wikis which still treat the two as separate subjects.

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A decision needs to be made as to which article on each wiki is more closely related to this one now. Someone who can read the other linked languages needs to make a quick scan and remove duplications.

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StuffOfInterest has suggested moving content at Clothes free movement to nudism see discussion above. Regarding issue 1 - I need to read a good definition of the difference between nudism and naturism. How much overlap and difference is there in the two? If "clothes free" or "clothesfree" becomes the dominant term then the article names can be rearranged later. Regarding issue 3 - very true. As a semi-outsider to the whole issue I have trouble seeing the difference between nudism and naturism, and I had just barely heard of "clothes free".

One article, whatever the title, needs to strive to help people understand the differences. Hopefully a few more people will in with opinions on this. Now, back to researching if Mar Bella beach in Barcelona is a good place to plan a vacation for this summer. IT seems like "movement" should be more about attempts to change things, like topfree equality, and less about historical nudism which operated under a very different philosophy.

Seems much more like a culture than a movement to me. I want to help edit because you need it so much, and I am an expert in social nudity. I have not attempted to edit anything yet. I'm uncomfortable with most or all of you being anonymous but will try to tolerate it. I am about as well known as some of the people listed as prominent practitioners of social nudity. InI led a movement which made nudism acceptable again at Ulksen Beach, better known as Wreck Beach. It is now Canada's most renowned beach--of any kind.

Nudism and naturism mean the same thing but are prefered by two somewhat different groups Clothesfree seeking Great Falls should merge but which are too stubborn and foolish to do so. Those two groups are less divided in Canada than in the notoriously cantankerous USA. The term "clothes free movement" is a poor choice for a broad category for many reasons, including some mentioned by some of you already.

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It's for people embarrassed to refer directly to nudity. Euphemisms are often handy when communicating with hostile authorities, but when used at other times they tend to be harmful to the self-esteem of practitioners. These terms are also euphemisms: naturism, clothing-optional, private parts, intimate parts, etc.

More accurate, honest, and proud are the terms nudism; nude-optional; organs of reproduction, nurturing, and elimination; Clothesfree seeking Great Falls. The term is also a misnomer. Nudists are not free of clothes. We don't advocate the elimination of clothes. I've never known a nudist who did not both possess and wear clothes frequently, although there are some such people in the wilds of the Amazon and New Guinea and maybe Berkeley.

I've read about one in Florida. On the other hand, nudism is not a misnomer because it doesn't imply a lack of clothes, just a propensity for removing them. Would you call every cycling club a car-free club? No, many cyclists are also drivers. One organisation may have recently adopted the term, but it has not caught on yet, and I hope it doesn't. They should have said "social nudity" if wanting to appease naturists. Or a term I believe I coined: nude-friendly. Two words such as "clothes free" are hyphenated when preceding and modifying a noun such as "movement", unhyphenated when in a sentence such as "She was clothes free.

One of you suggested that we need an outline for arranging all these related topics. The way it is now is a huge, confused jumble. How about this outline below? Sorry that this Web site added the pink boxes. Nudity with references in some below to near nudity, to exposing forbidden parts of the body, and to opposition to nudity. Social nudity non-sexualized, except generally to lessen shame of the body, its functions, and its shape; it is also intentional, voluntary, and non-commercial. The people advocating the above activities generally take pains to sharply distinguish themselves from the following activities.

I have tried to construct those above to be logical, not the artificial, arbitrary, localized, and ephemeral divisions of social movements we see at the moment.

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Nudists, naturists, nude-optionalists, and naked people who resists labels can all fit themselves into one or more of thoseI expect, without too much discomfort. One or two of you seemed to imply that naturism and naturalism can mean the same thing or similar. Naturism is the practice of being in a "natural" nude state socially. Sincerely, Korky Day This is Korky again a few minutes later. I'm new at this. I don't know why my formatting got totally messed up.

Who put in those stupid pink boxes and made the column much too wide?

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I have no idea how to fix them. This is Korky a third time. I experimented and found out what's happening. It seems that Wikepedia punishes people like me who properly indent our paragraphs! So I'm removing the indentations, but under protest!

Maybe I should strip. Korky again, after editing some "clothing optional" s. For some reason, not all of the updates I submitted were credited to me, but I wasn't trying to avoid detection--it was a glitch.

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The updates between my first and last credited updates are all from me. Hope you like my work. I said "clothist" could be included, even if rare. I'm not proposing it as a category or heading, so I'm merely provides more information. Is that bad? The only error of mine that I can see now is that I failed to indicate that the AANR calls a club non-landed if it leases its land. Very misleading to the public and to AANR members! To which other of my edits did you object?

There are quite a few: compare8 April and7 April Unless someone says otherwise, I'll assume the other edits are acceptable--and put them back in. How long should I wait? Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit New section View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. WikiProject Nudity. Nudity portal This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Nuditywhich collaborates on articles related to nudity and naturism topics. This redirect does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

Clothesfree seeking Great Falls

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