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Gender norms in heterosexual relationships dictate that men are responsible for desiring women and initiating sex while feeling desired themselves is relatively unimportant. And I realized I needed to talk to men directly to examine this widely held assumption. In light of this gap in the research, study authors Murray and her co-author Lori Brotto asked a sample of men in heterosexual relationships to answer open-ended questions about their sexual desirability.

The men were between the ages of 18 and 65, and the duration of their romantic relationships ranged from 7 months to 45 years. In an online questionnaire, the men were asked how important it was for them to be desired by their partner.

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They were then asked to describe the things their partner currently does to make them feel desired, and whether there were more things their partner could do to help them feel desired. The men used different words to express the importance of feeling desired.

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Interestingly, when describing things their partners could do to show their sexual desire, many men described actions that were romantic rather than sexual. The implications for this are, in my opinion, quite large.

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The findings may be evidence of a desire from men for more egalitarian sexual experiences where both women and men show desire, initiative, and enthusiasm for sex. We are saturated with very specific messages from a young age and they are reinforced throughout our teenage years and adult life. The study authors noted that their findings are limited to the experiences of heterosexual men and that it would be insightful for future studies to consider similarities or differences in the ways that men of differing sexualities experience sexual desirability.

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Study indicates the Dark Triad personality traits are more complex than ly thought. New study uncovers consistent patterns in the metaphors that people use to describe God. Adolescents who are better at identifying their feelings are less likely to experience anxiety and depression in response to stress.

Psychedelics might reduce internalized shame and complex trauma symptoms in those with a history of childhood abuse.

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New psychology research finds that poor people are perceived as being less susceptible to pain. Physical strength predicts participation in political violence among both men and women.

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Empty sex wanted

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