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Subscribers to HBO Max receive an early holiday present to open and binge tonight: the final three episodes of the reality rom-com series 12 Dates of Christmas. Producers plucked Marcantel and two other attractive young singles from their lives in the U. The Louisiana native is a New York City-based real estate agent and developer who came out five years ago.

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But Marcantel said he had no idea what he was in for, until nearly the last minute. I was excited to see how straights date, to be honest. She really fought to to keep a special connection that she found in the castle.

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His ancestors settled the state back in the s, so both faith and tradition were drilled into him from an early age. But something else was on his mind: boys. So, I chose the University of Utah because it was right in the heart of the mountains, and I could ski. I just really kind of wanted to be in a place that was completely different than Louisiana. He struggled resolving his desires with his upbringing and was confused by the young men he dated, who were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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That certainly was different from where he was raised along the Gulf of Mexico, but nothing could be more different than where he landed next. I lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It's a very open, artistic neighborhood. His mother had the hardest time, and asked him to be patient with her. And I think that we as humans are much more complex than what those stereotypes and labels are, the ones that get put on us. We went to a couple of school dances. She actually fully transitioned to a man after college.

When I heard of his transition I wanted to reach out and congratulate him. It was then to my surprise that, yes I was still physically attracted to them, and even more so than I was in high school. He seemed very happy, and had a boyfriend, so I left it at the congratulations. We did have a special unspoken connection when we were younger, as we were both in the closet. We never spoke about it, since we were living in such a conservative environment, but this experience made me feel more comfortable with the idea of dating trans in the future.

Who will Marcantel wind up bringing home to Louisiana? I was America's first transgender. I was America's first transgender journalist in a TV network newsroom when I came out in In addition to contributing to Forbes. In addition, I teach journalism, public relations and advertising at the University of Hartford. My children, our dog Dahlia and our cat Garrett IN sex dating and I reside in Connecticut. This is a BETA experience.

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Dawn Ennis. I was America's first transgender …. Read Less.

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