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Relentlessly maintaining a brazen and confident personality is a key component for women to achieve and preserve a successful business. Embodying that assertive approach is a key element in forming compelling female characters in films. The women in the movie, which is set to theatrically expand nationwide, and also debut on VOD and Digital, next Friday, August 12, are finally the ones who are unapologetically in charge of the business, and are at peace with the lifestyle they have chosen to lead.

With money too scarce to turn down, he decides to take the job. His first job involves driving the tough-as-nails, unapologetic Nikki Girls Montgomery amateur Montgomeryand her two hilarious and foul-mouthed cohorts, Jaxi Bria L. Murphy and Fallon Ashley Tisdale. The English-born Montgomery revealed that she read the script for the film when she was in L. So I was excited to work with him. I then got the job! I think I was then cast the following week. Murphy then chimed in on how she became involved in portraying Jaxi, and described the process as a funny story.

So she just had me in mind for this role. Do you want to see if you can meet with the directors, and audition for them? Montgomery also revealed that she felt there was something really nice about working with two directors. That was really helpful, since we only filmed for 17 days. Joey would also talk about his experiences. So it was interesting to see the real story, and how they influenced our characters, while we were also putting our own stamp on them. The performer also discussed how she enjoyed working with two directors who are married.

From the start, I think we all had really great chemistry.

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Lisa and Joey let us improvise a lot. Our car scenes together were so much fun.

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The car was hooked onto a rig the entire time we were filming, so each time we would shoot a new take, we would add something new. Murphy also chimed in on the experience of the cast improvising together while they were filming.

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If you ever forget your lines, improvising is great! If I ever forgot my lines, I would improv, and it totally worked.

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When then discussing the approach to creating the looks for their characters, Murphy added that she, Tisdale and Montgomery were all involved in choosing their costumes. So we all had our own looks. I think the characters and storyline were different for us. We shot the movie in 17 days, so we became like a family. Everyone was working just as hard as everyone else.

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But on a studio movie, you can take weeks just to shoot one car scene. Tisdale then discussed how Girls Montgomery amateur felt that the physicality of their roles influenced the characters. So I think that helped us with our physicality in those scenes. Since this is a comedy, there is some physical comedy, as well. We shot a lot of the scenes in the hallway on the way to the bachelor party at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. The whole vibe of that location really helped us get into the scenes more, versus acting on a studio set.

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Girls Montgomery amateur

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