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It resonates with women all across the world, spanning over different age groups, due to its prevalent themes on female sexuality and empowerment. Since it aired during a time when female sexual expression was even more taboo than it is in our present society, we often hear criticism from men both from our close community and online.

Truth is, Sex and the City is so much more than a show about sex. Here are four reason you should watch this iconic show:. In Sex and the Citythere are four female protagonists who are not afraid to both act on their sexuality and talk about their sexual encounters. The spectators are witness to their different and unique lives, where their careers and aspirations go alongside their sexual experiences without a problem. The show also portrays how they meet up a couple of times a week and talk about their current relationships, and current sexual encounters.

Their sexuality is not treated as something that needs to be private or hidden, rather as a part of their lives that holds an important place in their public lives. These are simply four successful women who are not afraid to be sexual, and therefore, themselves. These four women have very distinct personalities, but they all find a way to understand and support each other. Female friendship is portrayed as a companionship and not as competition.

Carrie is a writer who writes a sex column for an important New York newspaper.

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She enjoys casual sex but wants a serious relationship with a man who appreciates her. Samantha is a successful Public Relations agent who has her own agency. She loves casual sex and is opened to new sexual experiences. Charlotte is an Art Gallery curator and the complete opposite of Samantha.

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Her aspirations include getting married and having children. Lastly, Miranda is a successful lawyer at a prestigious law firm. She enjoys casual sex and wants a serious relationship with a man who is not intimidated by her success. Her aspirations, apart from making partner in her law firm, is to have a meaningful relationship that could possibly expand to forming a family. Despite their different career paths, sexual expressions, and aspirations, the show places them as equals. Sex and the City presents different types of women without judgement or prejudice.

Sex and the City depicts all kinds of relationships in a realistic manner. There are gay couples, lesbian couples, and characters who are bisexual. Sexuality is demonstrated through all its beautiful forms. Sort of like a comfort show.

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HC at UPR. HBO Max. Abigail F. Boneta UPR ' Abigail Figueroa Boneta is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in English Literature and Modern Languages with emphasis on French and Francophone studies. Her hobbies include writing and reading, as well as editing essays and practicing her French. Currently, she writes feminist articles for Her Campus at UPR about female empowerment, femininity, female sexuality, female beauty, tackles contemporary social problems such as rape culture, and writes book reviews about females in genres such as Mystery, Thriller, and Contemporary Young Adult.

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As a passionate and ambitious woman, she aspires to be a professional writer, editor, and translator after graduating. Mental Health. Good stuff only! We wanna slide into your DMs but via .

Housewives looking casual sex Providence Rhode Island

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