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When the end comes, protect yourself with love. He is very touching and unexpectedly appealing, and with co-star Keira Knightley he exhibits a romantic chemistry of which I never thought him capable. An asteroid named Matilda miles wide is hurling toward planet Earth and is expected to collide in 21 days.

Cell phones are useless.

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Water and power are cut off. People trying to escape the cities are trapped in endless gridlock. Life has lost all meaning, and the final flights on commercial airlines have just left the ground, Seeking friend plus the demise of air travel forever. Carell plays Dodge, an insurance salesman, who watches the unfolding tragedy on the network news with a mixture of horror and reation, while his wife simply leaps from the car and leaves him on the spot. Now he faces death alone. The movie chronicles their road trip and introduces the characters they meet along the way—a man they hitch a ride with who speeds up his suicide with the help of a hired assassin, the partygoers in a roide diner where the staff serves an orgy to desperate, oversexed customers, a highway cop determined to uphold the law right up to the final blackout by writing up a speeding ticket.

Penny locates an old boyfriend living in a fallout shelter with enough potato chips to last another six months. The movie shows how perspectives change—or remain the same—in the face of ultimate tragedy. There is room for tears, mixed with unexpected humor. As the final blackout approaches and the TV stations leave the airwaves with one final test pattern, the announcer reminds everyone watching to set their clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time. The pace sometimes drags, and the focus wavers. What would you do?

Take up smoking again?

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Drink all the vodka in the liquor cabinet? Eat every fattening food the nutrition Nazis warn about? If nothing else, see it for the two central performances. After so many hellish apocalypse movies, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is intelligent, dignified and emotionally satisfying.

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Seeking friend plus

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