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A MAN has died from an "extreme orgasm" after passing out while he romped with a sex worker. The year-old, named in a police report as Charles Majawa, lost consciousness after having sex with the woman in the trading district of Phalombe, Malawi.

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He died shortly after doing the deed - and a postmortem has officially determined the cause of death as an excessive orgasm. Cops and a medical examiner from Migowi Health Centre viewed the body and confirmed the cause of death on August 18 last year. According to local newspaper Nyasa Times, the man "died of too much sexual excitement and sweetness.

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Innocent Moses, a Phalombe Police Station spokesperson, confirmed that Mr Majawa booked a room with the sex worker, but "ended up collapsing and becoming unconscious while in the act. Meanwhile, a study has suggested that having sex at least once a week actually halves the risk of early death.

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Researchers found regular romps are linked to lower odds of dying from cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. These cells lower the risk of cancer and viral illness, prevent infections of the lungs and improve other conditions, such as asthma. in.

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Sex extreme england

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