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Find Buzzing Daily on Spotify. The opening guitar is grungy and raw and identifies with the revolutionary woman not looking to back down. When Paul begins to sing there is a contrast that cuts like glass. Her voice is pure and emotive. The lyrics are simple Soft stud still looking they ring out almost like a chant. It is impossible to not feel moved.

The indie rock band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota is fueled by the break-ups, relationships, and longing love letters written by the effortlessly powerful front woman, Kerry Alexander. The instrumentation is hyperbolically upbeat and welcoming with nods to 90s pop rock.

Catch Bad Bad Hats in a city near you this fall! Taylor Janzen is as honest as it gets. In "Colourblind," Janzen sings of what it's like to live through the darkness of questioning God's intentions and even mental illness surrounded by people who don't seem to get it. With artists like Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers paving the way, Janzen proves that this era of honest-to-God, women singer-songwriters is just getting started. Taylor Janzen's voices shines with quiet might and is not only to be heard but listened to.

There must be something in the water in Brooklyn making our music scene better than ever. Adler Hallthis five-piece from varying musical backgrounds, is no exception to this phenomenon.

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The band has restructured following their album Touristwhich plays around the edges of synth and experimentation while centered around the folk-like focus of storytelling. Coming together to write and record their unique take on modern chamber-folk Adler Hall is back with their newest single "Teresa. Wedding love ballad it might not be, but nonetheless, it is lyrically a beautiful song.

Composer, Henry Hoagland builds upon the typical guitar-led folk song with a more strategic approach, incorporating electronic elements as well as fully utilizing the keyboard which they had only touched upon in their release. Beware the Water is expected to release this upcoming October and we're excited to see this continued development from the amalgam that is Adler Hall.

The lead singer, Summer Krinsky has turned a tired name joke into a fresh sound, a dreamy sonic collage of floating synths, quivering bass, and warm, willowy vocals. Like all of us, the Detroit-based group is trying to figure out how to get by and make some sense of the world in the best way they can.

Their aural patchwork of haunting melodies and nuanced harmonic textures is a testament to the creative capacity of sound. Sung by Zambri, the track is a pure love song featuring spare and simplistic guitar chords and endearing lyrics. In a dreamy and deeply personal tone, Zambri sings of Soft stud still looking much she loves her partner and the pain she feels in her heart as she watches him leave for the day. This stunning and fantastical goth-pop ballad will hit listeners hard and makes for a perfect addition into any out-of-the-box love song playlist.

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After the passing of her dear friend, Pam, Jocelyn Mackenzie sought out to write a song to Pam's grieving husband. As if an echo of Pam's heart, Mackenzie spre a personal and universal message about how love can grow and foster in the midst of hardships. Mackenzie's voice has healing elements in and of itself, but it reaches to new levels when accompanied by the colorful background vocals which in a way sound like a united band of caring friends reaching out to a loved one in a time of need. While the pain of loss will never be truly erased, this song is a reminder that there truly is consolation and hope in love.

He is unable to shake the tiny details once so familiar to him — a particular intersection or the smell on a rainy day. It is as much a song about leaving as it is a song about home. The song has an Americana sound tied more to the road than to any particular place. A wistful pedal steel guitar pines over the old days on top of a rhythm section as unrelentingly steady as the passage of time, declaring that there is no going back. The product is an entertaining, intricate piece that feels timeless and futuristic. With a highly anticipated new record on the way, Odetta Hartman releases her last single off of the album.

While an Odetta Hartman track is usually embedded with experimental and genre-bending sounds, "You You" finds its strength in its sweet simplicity. Opening Soft stud still looking with a hard-hitting electric guitar, Hartman's voice is a contrast of Soft stud still looking with it's quiet strength and colorful timbre which remains the centerpiece of the song. The vocalists, two established Asian artists, Joji and NIKIimply that waking up hungover after a rough night of heavy drinking and shenanigans might perhaps get old after a few weeks, months?

The song was produced and written by Joji and NIKIwho each supply their own distinctive sound and interpretations of the Hollywood lifestyle, and how to potentially escape it. As the track progresses, it bursts with glitchy samples ranging from buffering computer and telephone noises to what sound like bicycle bells.

About Legal Contact Collective. Taylor Janzen - Colourblind Taylor Janzen is as honest as it gets. Adler Hall - Teresa There must be something in the water in Brooklyn making our music scene better than ever.

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Odetta Hartman - You You With a highly anticipated new record on the way, Odetta Hartman releases her last single off of the album. our Newsletter.

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Soft stud still looking

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