Wanted: a new girlfriend

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Your relationship is over and the breakup is behind you. Your heart may be mostly healed, your spirit mostly happy, and your Wanted: a new girlfriend mostly peaceful. And yet, the news that your ex has a new girlfriend has shaken you to the core! Maybe you feel shocked and surprised, rejected and lonely. Where do you go to keep on going, just to get through the rest of time? The only thing that gives me comfort is this: no one gets to keep anything here.

I am not so different less favored than others. Everything really is temporary, and all we can do is cherish what we have while we have it. Gratitude, and mindfully holding on to this moment. If you have a relationship with God, your faith may be a huge source of comfort, healing, and peace.

My tips may help you learn how to cope with the grief and sadness you feel. You will find love and joy, peace and companionship with a new man. How do I get over this? Healing from a breakup — and learning how to cope when your ex has a new relationship — is different for everyone. You need to try different things to help yourself heal and move forward. These tips will help if you focus on grieving and healing — not staying stuck in the past….

Need encouragement? The more surprised you are that your ex has a new girlfriend, the harder it may be for you to cope. When you were in a relationship with your boyfriend, did he tell you how much he loved you? Then his new relationship is heartbreaking — and my heart goes out to you. But remember: you are stronger than you think, braver than you realize, and tougher than you know! You WILL survive this, and you will love again. Let him go. Sometimes we need to hear things more than once before they sink in! Also, it takes time and practice to learn ways to stop feeling hurt and stuck in the past, and heal emotionally.

When you find out your ex is dating someone new, you may feel unworthy, unlovable, fat, dumb, ugly, and useless. It hurts, and you need to accept your loss and grieve the pain. The most important way to cope when your ex has a new girlfriend is to take care of yourself.

Be gentle, loving, kind, and compassionate to yourself. Crying is good, and so is sleeping and eating healthy foods. Be good and kind to your body, your mind, your spirit. You are the same girl he fell in love with.

You are smart, funny, interesting, creative, and beautiful. You are precious and unique. It is not a reflection of you. His actions may have nothing to do with you, or they may have everything to do with you. Some people cope with a breakup by immediately jumping into a relationship with a new girlfriend, other guys take longer to heal. Do you really want to be in a long-term relationship Wanted: a new girlfriend a guy like that? Resisting the loss of your relationship — your boyfriend, your husband — is more painful than simply accepting it.

I know it really, really hurts that your ex already has a new girlfriend. My heart goes out to you. But when you own your story, you get to write a brave new ending. You get to say it was horrible and I was in lots of pain …… and then I got help and this is how the story ends. How will your story end? Not with you in pain, searching for tips on how to cope because your ex is in a relationship with a new girlfriend.

This is your chance to write a better ending! Letting her go was the most painful and difficult thing I ever did, but I had no choice. To write this ebook, I interviewed life coaches, counselors, and grief coaches on letting go.

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Learning how to let go of someone you love is about rediscovering your passion and identity. Great help in putting things in perspective and in taking positive thoughtful action. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences. You can learn how to pick yourself up after a fall and move on. You might try writing a breakup letter to help you heal.

Put yourself in the role of wanting this breakup, needing to be free from the relationship, and genuinely wishing your ex the best of luck with his new girlfriend. What do you think — how will you cope now that your ex has a new girlfriend? Feel free to share your story, though, because writing can bring insight and healing in your life. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. My ex left me for a 22 year old girl he is 58 so am I. Now he says she the love of his life a i was only friends with benefits. She is horrible to me. And loves to rub my face in it she is controlling and taking drugs.

God it hurts but t. I was with my ex for a year and a half before I ended things due to excessive boundaries and trust issues on his end. I was doing okay up until I found out about her. The scary part about it is that she looks terrifyingly similar to me. But it is ok that he threatened to kill me because I was seeing someone, and threatened to kill the man too.

But he has someone that he brought around the kids after he accused me of bringing all sorts of men around the kids, which I did not. How the Wanted: a new girlfriend am I supposed to feel being unwanted and unloved. I was with my ex for 13 years while we were both going through a rough patch and we connected and we supported each other through out the years.

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I thought that he was the one for me and we dated long enough to feel like a married couple already and then 3 yrs ago, I told him that I want a family. He was excited about it and we got our daughter and I thought we had it all and I sacrificed myself a lot to the point of breaking down as he was working longer hours and I was a house wife looking after our baby, the house, my man etc. I became obese and he started being narcissist towards me. He was very violent towards me and my daughter to the point that I had to involve the police etc and he kicked us out of his house and we lived in a refuge centre for few days.

He asked for forgiveness and I took the charges back, only for him to move on with a new girlfriend, whom was pregnant and had aborted few times. Sometimes would even expose our child to the woman who was taking drugs as well. I was traumatised and vulnerable and thought of committing suicide few times. I gathered the little courage I had after 1 year of giving him the chance to make up for it, he did not bother about my emotions, my feelings etc but continued to be aggressive Wanted: a new girlfriend me, Til one day I left him and he sold our home, threw my stuff away and even sold my jewellery to the pawn shop and moved to his new girlfriend, who has 2 kids from a different man.

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I am surviving the trauma and the hurt and pain cause my daughter. I have nothing and have moved to my parents house and trying to move on in my life. Wanted: a new girlfriend am going for counselling to heal and hope to lose weight which I gained due to hormonal imbalance. Being a woman is hard but being a mother is harder as we have to be stronger for our.

I am not myself I swear, I want to make this end but I have no choice but to live for my daughter who will be 4 yrs old next year. I felt like we connected a lot. Until one day I felt like he was cheating on me. Idk how I just had a bad feeling in my stomach about it. I confessed to him that I know what he was doing and he said sorry but I felt so destroyed. He told me that I was his one and only and that he would always love me. So I believed him. I gave him another chance… everything was good for the first couple of weeks but I was still iffy about the things he has done before but ofc i still loved him and wanted to give him another chance.

I still love him and he knows. Today I found out that he moved on and he has a girlfriend. Your strong if you accept it and weak if you keep trying. Good riddance to him. We miss the familiarity, the good times Wanted: a new girlfriend the rose-colored future we fabricated in our minds. That hurts when we felt so deeply for someone. You deserve better treatment from a more healthy minded person.

I know how it is to have put up with the craziness. I broke with my boyfriend because I suspected him of cheating which turned to be true,most surprisingly he visited me oftenly,we were get close like in the past to the point we got intimate.

I made the decision of breaking up with him because I was very angry after finding out that he was cheating, but he pretended like he was innocent. It gets easier! I went through the trauma, the heart ache, the tears, no sleep, no food, no nothing. I started. Unfortunately some of your stories below is what that is. It seems emotional and crazy for you right now but give yourself a month to put things into perspective, work on you and do you.

You will thank yourself for this I can promise you x. From the day he ended our relationship I keep trying to have him back, i begged and told him that I will do it right this time he just need to give me another chance but nothing happen. My ego was hurt for begging I feel so sorry for myself so I thought maybe he need some time to think about us he will probably miss me. Now I am feeling insecure, not good enough and so devastated. My name is Marie, I met this man when I was Since I married two times and have three adult children my husbands are all deceased.

He is now divorced. How long should I wait for him or what should I do? If you are, great. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Wanted: a new girlfriend

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My Ex Has a New Girlfriend But Still Wants to Sleep With Me